Top 5 Chemicals You Should Avoid in Your Beauty Products

It is an open secret that most of the cosmetic and skin care products contain chemical substances which can be harmful for our skin. Though, these chemical substances that are heavily used in beauty and skincare products may be effective for serving their intended purposes, but there is likelihood that while providing a solution to a particular skin problem, they may damage the skin in some other way. It will not be wrong to dub such damages as the side effects of chemicals used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Here is a list of top 5 chemical substances that should be avoided in your beauty products.


Parabens are usually found in cosmetic products like sunscreens, shampoos, moisturisers, conditioners, shaving gels, makeup products, lubricants and toothpaste. These chemicals are mainly used in cosmetics to prolong the shelf life of cosmetic products. Products containing parabens, when applied on the skin can lead to the absorption of these chemical substances through the skin into the body.

According to recent research, parabens can be a major factor contributing towards the occurrence of unhealthy conditions like DNA damage in sperms, food allergies and increased levels of stress hormones in pregnant women and infants.


Phthalates are usually found in deodorants, nail polishes, hair sprays and fragrances. These chemical substances are used in nail polishes to prevent the brittleness of polish on the nail as it dries, as well as, being used as a preservative in fragrances.

Phthalates particularly have adverse effects on the physiological system of the body. These contain endocrine disrupters, which disturb the functioning of the physiological system and may also increase the risk for the occurrence of diabetes.


Triclosan usually appears in various toothpastes, hand sanitizers and deodorants. Despite its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Triclosan is now rarely used in hand sanitizers, but care should be taken to avoid the use of products which contain this substance, irrespective of the quantity.

It has adverse environmental effects and it can react with ozone and chlorine to result in toxic dioxins. While it does fight bacteria, studies have proved that after a considerable period of usage the bacteria become immune to Triclosan, increasing the chances of the occurrence of bacterial diseases and infections.


As evident from the name, artificial fragrances are found in perfumes, colognes and other scented cosmetic and beauty products. Most of the fragrances comprise of the harmful phthalates, which have been briefed about earlier in the article, as well as, synthetic musk that has the potential cause considerable damage to endogenous cellular defence mechanism of the body. Hence, fragrances hamper the process of detoxification to a considerable extent. Look for products that do not have fragrances, for example organic usda certified product tend to not include dangerous chemicals. You should however always read the labels. If you are interested in bee venom cream, you can read more information on this website:

UV-Filtering Chemicals

UV-filtering chemicals are an essential component of sunscreens. These can be significantly damaging as these contain endocrine disrupters, which can cause physiological disturbances. These chemical substances particularly affect the physiological system in terms of inhibiting the release of thyroid hormone.

UV-filtering chemicals inhibit the hormonal activity and release, and can largely damage endocrine and physiological functions of our body.

Now you may wonder how to avoid those chemicals in your beauty products; one solution is to read the label at the back of the product and to vote with your dollars to encourage brands to stop using those dangerous chemicals. Another solution is DIY beauty products at home, it is cost efficient and easier than you would think!


Natural Ways To relieve Inflammation

Inflammation is a physical condition in which a certain part of your body may get swollen, reddened or hot. This condition is often quite painful and may occur after an injury or some kind of an infection. There are two different kinds of inflammation that we may experience and they both have a separate reason for their occurrence.

The first kind of inflammation is Acute Inflammation. It is a natural phenomenon that your body may go through to protect your body from damage when you get hurt due to some form of injury. The cause of inflammation may be due to the fact that your immune system is at work to repair the injured body part of your body so that you heal quickly.

The second one is known as Chronic Inflammation. This kind of inflammation may occur due to unhealthy life style such as, eating food that may damage your immune system, drinking and smoking or even due to stress. The intake of such things may destroy healthy cells and tissues causing inflammation.

However, there are certain natural ways to relieve inflammation. In this article you will read about some good tips that you need to do or in some cases avoid in order relieving inflammation naturally.

  • The first and the easiest way is by avoiding sugar and carbohydrates. High sugar and insulin level that are caused by the intake of sugar and carbohydrate may trigger inflammation.
  • Staying hydrated. Taking the right amount of fresh and clean water may help in reducing the unwanted toxins from your body which will automatically reduce inflammation.
  • Taking proper sleep, doing exercise, quitting to smoke, quitting alcohol and also by managing your stress. This is the secret to healthy and a happy lifestyle.
  • Avoid diet that is in high in Omega 6 acids. These foods include meat, dairy products and baked food.
  • Take probiotics to help with restoring friendly bacteria in your digestive system.
  • Incorporate fish or taking fish oil in your daily diet. The fist and also the fish oil contain anti-inflammatory elements that will help you in relieving inflammation.
  • Take natural supplements that includes natural herbs such as turmeric, ginger, green tea, oregano, rosemary. There are a few natural supplements for inflammation on the market, zyflamend is one of the most popular seller on amazon. You can read a more detailed zyflamend review

It is very important to track the causes of chronic inflammation and then work in providing your body with elements that will help you get rid of them. The best way however, is to avoid the elements that may cause chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation may help in the healing process of your body. This however, is not the case with chronic inflammation. It is utmost important to keep the aspects that may cause chronic inflammation in control. Such as your diet, stress, alcohol and smoking to protect your body as chronic inflammation may also lead to heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.

So keep yourself and your body healthy by eating healthy organic foods and follow the above recommendations!

If you have a serious conditions, always contact your medical doctor.